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I believe I waited the suggested five years before I tried it.

It took 25 years to find out how harmful Premarin was.

Bet it takes less time that that to discover that an extreme low carb
diet is harmful.


low carbing has been around for more than a decade and no harm proven

Longer than that. It used to be that T2s were routinely instructed to
do it.


Hi PP,

Yes, I remember back in the late 50s that a neighbour came down with T2. My wife and I were still children and had no clue what this was about.

Her doctor ordered her on to an almost carb free diet. She could only eat very complex carbs. We were certainly amazed at her very restricted diet. It was her only treatment except for insulin. She could not use insulin because she could not afford to buy it. She suffered a lot of complications before it was diagnosed.

And here it is 2010 and We both have our neighbour's disease. We are lucky in that we have more tools available for treatment.

So, docs in the 50s knew what to do.