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I must have lived in a different world, that's true. None of the
problems you discuss above existed in the world I lived in, and
it isn't through simple denial that I write this. None of that
was in my world. I'm reading from you and others that such
matters were of concern at the time. I consider myself
blessed that I wasn't privy to any of it in the 1950's.

Presumably you're a guy then.

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No gender value of importance is imputed in the statement, or
the question. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the way
many have dealt with the issues in the underlying discussion is
to do the things that society has told them not to do. There is
no free lunch. Every one of the "troubles" described and discussed
has been the direct result of a violation of some sort, and it
is being excused as "the normal world is cruel to us."


The people I hung around with while growing up in the 1950's did
what we were expected to, and were supposed to do by the mores
and folkways if the society we lived in.

Today I am being held to account for living in a social setting
that behaved as we were supposed to, called a martian for it?

There's a good reason those particular folkways and mores
became operative in our society. Stop complaining because
society didn't cowtow to your demands to break free of them. You
knew the rules going in. You knew in advance what the consequences
would be. Now you're complaining that the actual consequences were
what you knew in advance they would be? What's wrong with this

You paint a picture of an individual capable of rationalizing any act
who would never take personal responsibility.

You have it completely backwards. We took personal responsibility
for our actions, and expected everyone to do the same. This, now,
is the age of saying, "it wasn't right, how vile, how evil."

Because it's what was expected therefore always right.

By definition. Define "right".


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