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You don't think there is another side to those stories? Seriously? Do
you think any doctor practicing today would tell someone it's okay to
have a bg of 500? Yes, I do see some posts where people praise their
doctors, but IMO the overwhelming message here, especially from a very
vocal few, has always been that the majority of doctors and the
medical profession in general is bad.

I mean, there are some Dr. Taylors out there, but that's a small
percentage. :)



This group is but a tiny grain of sand in the diabetes population worldwide, so I find any complaints in this group (which I happen to believe) do not necessarily reflect the rest of the worlds experiences, but reflect their own personal true experiences which happen to fall into your small percentage category. I imagine it was hard for people to believe that a doctor in Stockton stole the Rolex off their dead father too, but it happened. Krom says the doctor said that, I believe him. YMMV The few stories that I've told about my bad care fall under the "Not only do I not think there are two sides to the story, I *know* there are not two sides to the story.



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