Re: Protein, does it cause later BG spikes?

Susan wrote:
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Ricavito wrote:

So....thanks to Ozgirl and Susan and all the other regular posters
who put the time into responding and relating what they have learned
from their research or personal experience.

I'm really glad if you've found helpful information in anything I've
Just to put a fine point on it; there is no causal effect yet
demonstrated for endothelial dysfunction due to saturated fat in the
diet, just a lot of discussion out of synch with a good deal of
quality research.

I've always found Michael Eades of Protein Power to be the most
accurate lay interpreter of the available science:

I totally disagree, there are hundreds, if not more, reputable studies
proving the connection. In one link Michael Eades picked up on just one
trial (the Hamburg Hamburger trial) that didn't gel with the rest and made a
big deal about - a trial of 24 people over 3 meals. From that one trial he
totally wrote off the rest of the research. And not only totally wrote it
off he did it in a pathetic, smug, and unprofessional way. Reminded me of
the yobbo parents who rip on little kids at junior sports meetings.

In that link Eades only talks about blood results, lipids etc after eating
lots of sat fat for 12 weeks. He doesn't actually talk about the endothelial
dysfunction itself.