Re: Protein, does it cause later BG spikes?

"Michael" <micoder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I believe it was Kurt, but I am not sure, who suggested that a protein meal
would cause a spike at 3 hours out.

I decided to test that idea on myself this morning.

I woke up with a FBG of 115. I began eating breakfast at 10.
An hour later it was 104
An hour later it was 102
An hour later it was 110

So, this last reading may have been a protein spike or simply the
beginning of a liver dump, I don't know. I ate nothing during those three
hours. However, I do believe it indicates that it is probably just fine
for T2s to eat a big meal of protein and fat. Please note, that the final
3 hour reading was 5 points below the start reading.

My meal consisted of 4 fried eggs and about 8 ounces of ham. BTW the ham
had been trimmed of fat. The only fat was from the eggs.

So anyway, these are some more data points for us T2s to mull over.


An 8 point increase in one hour is a spike? Where did you get that