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: > : >>>> It's time to start a habit of wearing footwear in the house at
: > : >>>> times.
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: > : >>>> Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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: > : >> As one who has paid the price and I was wearing slippers BUT
: > sure
: > : >> they have a very solid sole the sliver of glass that did the
: > to
: > : >> me came through the slipper and lodged in the sole.
: > : >
: > : > I must say, I never wear shoes at home unless it is really cold
: > then
: > : > its some kind of slipper. The soles of my feet are like leather.
: >
: > : Mine aren't.
: >
: > I use indian moccasins witha hardish sole that allows running outside
: > the mailbox, etc, but are not fully street shoes. These work well
for me
: > as house shoes-slippers as they are easy to slip into. Really, there
: > to be some kind of shoe you can wear in the house to prevent this
kind of
: > occurance, particularly wit your venous inseufficiency.

: I usually do wear shoes but as I said, I was home sick and didn't get
: dressed. I have moccasins but find they are uncomfortable to wear for
: than an hour or two. And they are hard to get on and off. They are
: ankle length kind.
Just get the low cut kind and they slip on and off easily, so you can put
them on every time you get up from sitting or lieing(sp?) down adn they
don't have to be on your feet for a long time at a stretch.



I wear Easy Spirit Clogs.... they are fantastic. Slip on and off with
absolutely no bending or problems. I just step right into them. Here's
an example....

I get mine at Marshalls for about $35.00

I also find I need a larger size than I used to wear.

I've had several similar pairs and find the part at the back very annoying.
The shoes tend to slip off my feet, but due to the neuropathy, I don't
notice it. Then I step on the back part and trip myself. A very bad choice
for me. Something similar started happening with my Birkenstocks. They
apparently changed the way they fit. Even if I order the narrow ones, they
will start to slip off my feet. After falling over in parking lots and on
sidewalks too many times, I gave them up. Seems as far as shoes go, New
Balance are one of the few that will fit me.