Re: sad

jammer74 wrote:

I stand corrected on the definition of illbreeding. That IS a 3
pointer for you. My apologies to you.
But this is what it is .
I did not initially yell at anyone. It is transparent who is here to
support and positively contribute.

You call this a rant? :

"its sad when you get a blood sugar question answered faster in a pinball
group than a diabetes support group. Not one person replied to my question
thanks for nothing."

I call it very rude and insulting. You fully expected a newsgroup to be
manned and ready to jump in and answer. When they didn't you were rude and
insulting. By saying what you did above you did not invite support at all.
You got your answer "in kind".

So how about we start again. But this time understand that no one owes
anyone anything in any public forum or newsgroup. Not an answer, not even
support. You or I didn't create the name of this group and there is no law
saying we have to support. As in anything, you get what you pay for. If you
stick around you will find lots of support.