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Quentin Grady wrote:

I appreciate the positive nature of you intentions. So long as we
all, my self included, adhere to the basic premise that asd is a
support group and not a venue like misc.sci.nutrition where endless
debates are welcome we'll all do well.

Randy has never participated in this group as part of a support network.

Hi Susan,

A good point. I don't recall him discussing his battles with
diabetes. In fact I don't know whether he is T1 or T2. This may simply
be that I haven't noticed his posts on his own situation or observed
him helping others. I have the vague recollection that he is a T2 who
has done well with a higher intake of carbohydrate and lower fat. If
that is the case then IMHO his comments are valuable. If not then it
would seem that he is posting in the wrong venue. There are other
venues for debate on nutrition.

Randy cherry picks papers that he thinks support his POV and fires and
argues against everything most of us have found clinically useful in
improving our health.

Indeed that seems to be the case. However is that all the story?

What if he is a T2 that has been successful with a lower fat diet?
IMHO then his POV deserves to be heard though it should NEVER come to
dominate conversations here. We have too much to lose.

A good point. Personally I don't regard her as a scientist, rather as
an advocate for a particular point of view.

I regard her as a person making her living evaluating scientific
research and having taken a stand long ago against the bias and untruths
that have caused severe health consequences since public health policy
has been based on them.

For me, she is a person who reached a particular conclusion a long
time ago. She has stuck to it. When someone does that there is a
risk that they interpret everything to fit their early conclusions.

Understandable. Anyone who quotes Mary Enig as a reference earns
demerit points IMHO.

I cited Mary Enig's article because it contained links to scientific
citations plus a lay explanation of what they referred to.


Sadly Susan you earnt demerit points from me.
Surely there are better sources.
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