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Alan S wrote:
She said nothing incorrect. She expressed her opinion on
cause and effect. If you choose to deliberately
mis-comprehend her post, that is your problem, no-one

Be kind, Alan. ?It's not deliberate, he's just that stupid.


Throw out insults all you want, Susan. Doesn't change the fact that
you tried to discredit the ADA, yet again. Only a truly stupid person
cannot see that. For someone who so readily accuses others of being a
troll, you sure exhibit all the traits of one yourself.


so if Susan voices her opinion she is a troll, but when you do it, you
are the self appointed defender of the ADA.

Too bad you don't use the above as self-evaluation in the way you
react to others in this newsgroup whom you disagree with. Didn't you
just call someone in this newsgroup today a troll because they voiced
their opinion? Your hypocrisy is showing, yet again.


I don't think you get much. You know, I just got through reading an
onslaught of posts from you today and you have reached a whole new
level of bitterness. You really should do something about your anger
towards everything, it's not healthy for you.