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How do you know when your adrenals are insufficient ?

That really differs a lot from person to person, since other hormones
come into play and vary widely.

But from reading here, I see that folks on Byetta like Loretta and
Evelyn describe symptoms of it, from getting chilled (especially if
between 3-5 pm), nausea, headaches, diminished appetite, abdominal pain,
weakness, heat intolerance, light headedness, brain fog, low bp, or
highly variable bp, salt cravings. Some folks get flank pain, I get
blurry vision, or things seem greyer visually, less brightness. Feel
jittery, depression and sleeplessness in some folks. Very variable.

When I'm adrenally low, the insulin secretion from eating, even a small
amount, makes me feel worse, because insulin regulates adrenal function
in some ways, I guess is why.


My usual symptoms of low adrenal function are feeling lethargic in the
morning, feeling generally low in energy, feeling a bit fragile,
having widespread very mild muscle aches, and a great hunger for

So - what can you do to cheer them up, and make them function
properly again ?

Good diet, plenty of sleep but never lying in bed in the morning, at
least once a week walking or cycling briskly for at least an hour, and
at least once a fortnight some scary exercise. Those intervals are
simply what I ended up doing while my adrenals slowly improved. The
exercise ideas are simply based on a combination of what I read made
adrenal demands and what made me feel better and bouncier for having
done. Both my doc and my endocrinologist said it was extremely
unlikely my adrenal insufficiency would improve. In fact they started
out saying it was impossible and only backed down to saying extremely
unlikely when I badgered them with questions.

Chris Malcolm

There's a vitamin which affects the adrenal function.

VITAMIN Reference Guide

The relevant section of this website:

Pantothenic Acid

Functions: Pantothenic acid is necessary for the makeup of
coenzyme A.
This factor is necessary during the intermediary metabolism of
fats, and proteins. Since this nutrient has an enhancing effect
upon the adrenal
glands, it becomes an important factor during stressful
conditions. This vitamin
is so closely involved with others of the B-group, that the
B-complex group
of vitamins should always be taken together as a unit. Single
dosages of
isolated B-vitamins can cause a rapid deficiency in others. Once
a balanced
combination of all the B-complex group is taken on a daily
basis, then
mega-doses of isolated B-vitamins can be administered for
specific purposes
without the fear of creating an imbalance or deficiency.

Deficiency Symptoms: Fatigue, headache, changes in personality;
Reduction in metabolic processes; Postural Hypotension,
rapid heart beat (this is because of the effect of the
deficiency on the
adrenal glands); Gastric distress, reduction of HCL and Pepsin
to constipation; Burning sensation of hands and feet;
Inclination toward
hypoglycemia; Involved in the metabolic breakdown leading to

Source: SelfHealth by Dr. Steven E. Whiting

Robert Miles