Re: $3 Sharps disposal fee.

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So that means you are not allowed to dispose of your sharps container in
normal rubbish collection?

Right. Not here anyway. My county seems to be more particular than most
areas. Must put in a purchased sharps container and must take to a
disposal site. Most are at pharmacies. Some pharmacies won't take them
back at all if you didn't purchase the container there. Oddly there are
such sites in the city where I live. There is one in Mill Creek, where I
went today. It's about 2 miles from my house but in a store where I
go. They have nice stuff, just not very nice prices.

How would they know it was your rubbish if they discovered

Again... They DO do checks of garbage here. You are fined heavily if they
find you are doing things improperly.

BTW, every public toilet in my area has a sharps container
on the interior wall. It's intended for junkies of course,
but there are no restrictions on who can put sharps in it.

There are none here. They had them in Oakland.

Alternatively, keep them it away from kids, buy a new one
annually and bury the old one in the backyard every St
Swithins Day.

I don't think that would be legal to do either. Besides I'm not going to
dig up the yard!

What gives? I thought you lived in the land of the free.

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