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I agree, Wes, not all the blame can be laid at the Bush
administration's door.
And now Mr. O, after his campaign on "change" has signed the SECOND
bill chock full of "earmarks" while promising that _some day_
he'll keep his promises about that.
There's a saying: "The only thing constant is change"
Well, it ain't true in Washington!
That bill SHOULD have been dealt with by the previous administration
last October. ?I imagine Obama has enough on his plate without having to
pick a fight over work that should have already been done. ?I'll reserve
judgement for the next budget.

Michelle C.
Obama has down more to address our country's problems in two months
than Bushco did in 8 years. We are moving forward and hopefully Obama
can undo some of the damage caused by the last administration.


except for the fact that we still have most of the same senate and
members of the house that were in office with shrub.

Even worse, their behavior hasn't changed.