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sanforized <sanforized@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Robert Miles wrote:

I know someone even better at quitting cigarettes. For a while, he'd
quit at least once a day, unless he was already out of cigarettes and
couldn't persuade anyone to give him more. However, the last time
he quit has lasted months now.

Robert Miles

I was born in the closing chapter of the 1930's, started
smoking and drinking small amounts of coffee in the 1950's
(honest, I didn't breathe the coffee:-). I quit smoking in
May of 1989. Maximum alcohol consumption about 6oz a year
of wine at dinner. Never gave a thought to illegal drugs

That doesn't mean I didn't have a good time.

So here I am in my old age, doing my best to get my life
chemistry balanced so that my body doesn't destroy itself
any faster than necessary.

It leaves me wondering about the value of "being good"
all those years my peers appeared to be enjoying the
latest fad in drugs.

The problem is that some of the evil illegal drugs weren't as bad for
your health as some of the legal "ok" recreational drugs, such as
tobacco and alcohol. They just didn't have the popular support and
powerful legal financial interests to lobby for them in the corridors
of power and research funding committees.

Chris Malcolm