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Am I the only person here who lived through the '60s, '70s
and '80s without using any non-prescription mind-altering
substances other than alcohol and nicotine?

By chance I asked the same question on the ADA forum this

I didn't try to live through them without ... However, I knew I didn't
need it
(except later when I realized nicotine was or had grown to be different
me) and I didn't begin with any of it until after I was 18 & very little
of it
until I turned 25 ... then, I began to experiment a little more. I never
had a
regular habit of anything except caffeine and tobacco. I couldn't afford
dally much in non-RX drugs. Were it today I couldn't have afforded the
nicotine habit! I had it bad. I was great at quitting, too. But, I had a
time *staying* quit! So, I quit about a dozen times over 10 years.
Mar. 9, 1991. I haven't done any 'funny' drugs in decades+. I don't drink
often, although since learning about red wine & its positive properties
me, I do occasionally drink some red wine. Currently I'm into this Shiraz
stuff! Yum.
: ^> DonnaB <*>
I know someone even better at quitting cigarettes. For a while, he'd
quit at least once a day, unless he was already out of cigarettes and
couldn't persuade anyone to give him more. However, the last time
he quit has lasted months now.

Robert Miles