Re: Thiamine (vitamin B1) and type 2 diabetes kidney damage

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Apocryphal story of British tourists going abroad and bemoaning the
fact that they can't get any decent British food like curry . . .

That story has a funny twist to it. Balti (hope I've spelt it
correctly) is British, developed by Indian chefs in Britain. Even
curry of the style the British liked in India is British. I'm not
saying this very well but Indian food found in Britain is different
from Indian food found in India. Rather like chow mien. It would
appear to be a food devised by Chinese restaurants for the US market.

Yeah I know what you mean, a Chinese friend used to take me to
restaurants and ask for the real food . . .


Few of us realise when we go to an Indian or Chinese restaurant we get
food that is tailored to customers tastes.

In the Thai restaurant we have to ask for cucumber with the dipping
sauce. The owners originally put cucumber in the dipping sauce but
customers complained about it. Sooner or later the dishes become
Westernized. We are the only Europeans to order the bitter melon with
egg and minced chicken. It is most refreshing on hot Summer evenings.
One night it didn't arrive. The waitress had assumed it was for a
large group of Chinese and given our dish to them.

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