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Hi Trink,
as you can see above I only talked about myself.Every body has to decide
himself what strategy to follow on what evidence of course....


Actually I suspect that since my problems are almost entirely
postprandial, Byetta would probably be a good solution for me too.
That's if the diet and exercise fails as it is so far not doing. The
IR is greatly improved but the liver IR/glucagon

GLP-1, Amylin, Grehlin, Leptip, Resistin, Akt, TCF7L4, Sirt1, Anandamide and
a few I forgot and the others that were not yet discovered by us.Where else
do you have significant snip's ?

problems didn't
respond to exercise like the muscle IR, which may be why some of my
athlete relatives still have unstable BGs. ALA seems to have improved
that part of the control system. Not whacking the system with great
lumps of carbs is probably the best treatment for me.

That's really the problem, so many different diseases with the same
name . . .

Hi Trink,
See :

Table 1 Pre study BMI=27 and Table 4 final.No weight change.Thus their BMI
stayed the same and patients were thus over weight....

Table 3 final visits :
HbA1c = 7.8
Fasting bg = 8.3
Breakfast PP bg = 9.1
Lunch PP bg = 9.4
Dinner PP bg = 9.5

The dokter is very pleased with this results (?)

My BMI, HbA1c and all bg are all _Very significantly_ better for 4 years
now.Seen "Saving Private Ryan" ? Patients were FUBAR with the current best
insulin therapy... No insulin for me