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In trace amounts
though it reactivates essential enzymes and is so beneficial it has
been regarded as a vitamin, Vit B17 in fact. A refined form was used
rather unsuccessfully as a cancer cure.

The use of the term "vitamin B17" was invented from whole cloth by the
sellers of laetrile in order to lend some credibility to their cancer
cure claims. It is not a vitamin and it doesn't cure cancer.

Whether it is valid to call nitrilosides a vitamin or not is
debatable. The marketers of laetrile certainly pushed for it to be
called Vit B17. It depends on what is regarded as essential and what
isn't. The usual classifications would exclude nitrilosides and other
things like salicylic acid. One can get by without them. However
IMHO they are beneficial in small amounts and play some part in
reducing the risk of cancer in the case of nitrilosides and
inflammation in the case of salicylic acid. Prevention and cure are
vastly different IMHO.

I think it is important to recall that I'm NOT suggesting laetrile
cures cancer. Some people thought it would. They purified it and used
it as a cytotoxic drug. Put simply it was used medicinally and to the
best of my knowledge it failed to cure cancer. Naturally some people
got better spontaneously. The marketers of laetrile would like to
credit that to the laetrile. It seems doubtful. On that we are

The point we might choose to disagree on is whether nitrilosides do
what I'm claiming they do, reactivate some essential enzymes. It
isn't clear from your response what your position is on that matter.

My approach at the moment is to used conventional cytotoxic drugs to
tackle the cancers I have AND to ensure that I have included the
nutritional factors that will ensure I get the fullest benefit from

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