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Today I had a phone call with my new dietician. She thought that I was
nuts for making my own breads and baked good. Even when I explained about
Ginsey's peanut allergy. I did not tell her that I have my own grain mill
and make my own flours. I thought that might send her over the edge. The
last ten bread that I have made in reverse order are: 100% whole wheat
honey bread, Polish potato, Scottish Oat and Rye, Dark Pumpernickel,
Rosemary and oil cured olive foccaica, Sweet potato brioche, Challah,
Country French bread from wild yeast, Sourdough braided Italian, and 100%
whole wheat pitas.

The apartment next door to mine is for rent if you are looking....

Most people in industrialized nations everywhere get too lazy to cook
from scratch. And those who do, rarely cook from the "garden" as it
were. I know you don't grow your own wheat but I haven't met anyone
in years in this area who grinds their own flour.

That's not to say that people in this group don't make the effort.
Some because they or their children have serious food allergies, some
because we used to cook for a living and still enjoy it, some because
they want better quality food and better control.

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