Re: Different readings from different meters?

Dennis R. wrote:
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strange that CR would miss a meter sigh

i do find that the CR reports like SMALL and 'techy' and 'ease of use'

those meters that use a drum would drive me nuts :)

I also shudder to think of the cost of those damn drums if you didn't have good insurance. Then again, my eyesight isn't that bad yet, and I don't have arthritis in my fingers yet. I also am not that squeamish about blood from a lancet.

I am however, squeamish about watching the needle slide in for blood tests at the labs. I think it comes from watching those 15 gauge dialysis needles punching into my arm the first couple of times. After that, it was no more looking. ;-)

Dennis (Type 2)


i had amniocentisis done as i was 37 yrs old when i found out i was pregnant

i TOLD the tech, the Dr and everyone else who walked into the room to make SURE that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to see the 'needle'

then, later in the procedure, they asked me if i wanted to see the ultra sound

sounded great to me........................... they forgot that the 10 inch long needle was ALSO showing on the screen :(

boy, did they RUN for the barf tray for me

type 1 since 1987