Re: And the healthcare professional SAID WHAT????

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I dunno, I FEEL so much better let alone how my numbers are improved,
I really find it hard to comprehend how anyone would consciously
choose not to do this.

Sometimes I think they've felt bad for so long, they can't remember what
feels like to feel good. But truly, I'm just as baffled as you are.

The cynical blunt explanation is that most people are good sheep in
society and to improve their situation vis diabetes, they actually need to
go against the mob/herd/flock and be different.

That is a good point, Terry. So many of our social customs revolve around
food. I'm fortunate because my family members all support my methods of
maintaining BG through diet, so at holidays it's no big deal if I eat
something different. However, I've heard several people on this group say
that isn't true in all families, and they are pressured to eat things that
will cause a spike. In the face of "peer pressure" it takes a lot of mental
energy to fight that. And most people don't even want to try. It's more
important to be just like the group.

And sometimes it's just to keep peace in the family. The stress just isn't
worth it. Know. Been there done that.

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