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W. Baker wrote:

Well, I had some great coffee this morning using the brand new Farberware electric percolator that arrived yesterdaay to replace the one that died last week. I find that using a perc with a fner grnd than is usually called for by the manufacturer adn the coffee grinding machines whee I buy the coffee makes great, strong coffee. I find the auto drip Mr. coffee type machines not as good, too big on the counter adn I always used o break the d-mned glass carafes.

Just thought I woudl put in my 2 cinets. Of course, you realize that I drink my coffee black with no sweeener. That's how I learned to drink it back in High School when I wanted something to drink with the crowd when they were having cokes. No artifically sweetened ones way back then.

Wendy, you and my late mom are the only two folks I know who still like perked coffee best. I used to love the sound of it.

I use a Technivorm drip maker with a thermal carafe for drip coffee. It is ugly as sin, but makes coffee the exact right temp with a good sprinkler head for water distribution over grounds, and doesn't cook it on a burner afterwards.



Someone is finally selling Tenivorms in Canada - on line from Calgary, Alberta. The prices started at CAN $265 + $21 shipping by Canada Post parcel post rate (2 - 6 weeks shipping time, or whenever they feel like it).

Time to start saving my pennies! ;-)

Dennis (Type 2)

ok, being as i live in Calgary, i was very interested in this and wanted to find out more

unfortunately google doesn't like me :(

do you have a link?


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