Re: OT - help coffee maker

Susan@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Nick Cramer wrote:
Susan@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Nick Cramer wrote:

I use a Bialetti macchinetta. $30 + shipping from the factory. $15 at
Ikea. Makes excellent coffee with Kirkland or Folgers, outstanding
with 100% pure Kona!

Kirkland or Folgers? Nuh uh. Not in my house.

Those are what my kid buys. I buy my 100% Kona from

Ahh. I don't care for Kona so much; very high caffeine, not very deep,
rich flavor thinks moi, but I know some folks who love it.

My caff is Ethiopian sidamo, light roast, and my decaf is a wonderful,
full bodied blend of medium and dark roast coffees, both from

Decaf? Nuh uh. Not in my house. That would be like alcohol-free Vodka!

Nick. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their families!
I've known US vets who served as far back as the Spanish American War.
They are all my heroes! Thank a Veteran and Support Our Troops.
You are not forgotten. Thanks ! ! ~Semper Fi~

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