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I run Gentoo on my mini-itx box and Ubuntu on four other home
computers -
frankly I prefer gnome to kde - and use xfce or enlightenment when
resources are tight. I also admin five Ubuntu and four RHEL computers
the local library. Basically, I go over there one or two times a month
for an hour or two to do updates - beyond that, they run.

Um...does anyone know which language I pick on babelfish or
freetranslation to decipher this?

Computer Geek, I think, but it may be a particular dialect.

I'm surprised one of the geeks who designed those
translation sites didn't include "Geekese" to "English":-)


Gnome and KDE are the biggest windows managers in terms of popularity.
Windows managers are what give you the desktop interface under Unix/Linux.
KDE looks the most like Windows. I prefer Gnome however as I prefer to do my
own thing. XFCE and Enlightenment are also windows managers, but require
much less resources. Ubuntu and RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) are
distributions OF Linux. Basically a group gets together and decides they
want to go a certain direction, and compile and add different things in that
package. Thus the particular distro. I personally have used Slackware,
Debian, RH, Suse, and Mandrake/Mandriva which is my personal favorite.

Wow. And I just use an "on" switch and a mouse...

OK, all you experts. A question. Suddenly, without warning,
I've lost sound. None form the PC tower, none from the
speakers (which are on and working). It also happened a
couple of months back for about three days then miraculously
reappeared. Now it seems permanent.

There are no obvious physical problems - nothing dislodged
from motherboard, all connections solid etc.

Any suggestions for faultfinding before I take it to the
expensive tech?

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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