Re: Medical complaints

"Julie Bove" <juliebove@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
As some of you know, my husband is in the military. He has no choice of
insurance. He must first go to the military medical facility (which
happens to be somewhat limited here) and they decide what to do. If he
has to go elsewhere for tests or to see another Dr., he has to wait for
approval and then for the referral to come in.

My daughter and I have more options. One is an HMO type plan of managed
care. I flat out refused to take that plan. I could forsee problems if
we ever needed a referral. Instead I chose a plan that allows me to go to
any Dr. I choose, provided they take our insurance. Granted, not too many
do, but at least I feel it gives me more options. My husband was not
thrilled about this because he thinks the other plan would be much
cheaper. But I think he is now seeing why I chose the plan that I did.

Now my husband is sick. Very sick. This has been going on for well over
3 months now and I see no point in spelling out all of the details, but it
seems to be several unrelated problems. If I did publicly announce this
and he knew I did, he wouldn't be happy. Anyway...

He is getting nowhere and just has to keep waiting and waiting for
referrals that never come. So frustrating. And our daughter has to watch
her dad get sicker and sicker with no help in sight. We've bought him
everything we can think of that is OTC and even some stuff at the health
food store that I had mixed feelings about. Nothing is helping.

I guess really all I am doing is venting. But if you have good insurance
and good Drs., be grateful!

I know you probably don't like me but the military health system is
something I have a lot of experience with, having served 30 years in the US

If I were in your husbands position, active duty I assume, I would go to
sick-call and demand treatment. In my area, there is a very good Navy
hospital and they treat almost every condition. I can't imagine the military
would make a sick active duty member wait it for referrals while their
condition worsens. Maybe it is time to go to a higher authority, many links
are available on the web.

Anon (the hated)