Re: I did it!

More kudos from me..
I know and can appreciate what it takes to accomplish this.... a lot of
exercise and will power for starters.

DX Dec 2006 - 8.2
D&E, Metformin 500 2X
Last A1c 10/29/07 5.0

"Oleg Lego" <rat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Saw the doc this morning, and he gave me the results of my A1C.


Yes! I think he was almost as happy as I was. He did everything but
jump up and down.

Lost 30 lbs, 5 inches off my waist, and I showed him I could now touch
my toes (haven't done that for at least 10, possibly 15 years.

I told him about a.s.d, and he told me to just keep doing whatever I'm
doing. He says that about 2% of his patients take diabetes seriously
enough to gain good control, and three of the ones that don't, are

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for their
help and advice.

Larry, T2, Saskatchewan, Canada.
DX 24 Aug 07. D&E
Metformin 2000mg, Ramipril, Simvastatin
Last A1c 8.1 (at DX)