Re: Up on the Roof and Stupid

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Cheri said...

I thought this was one of those "Twas the night before Christmas Santa
Claus stories. ;-)
Seriously, I'm very glad you weren't hurt.



I took two Advil and feel much better. I'll finish the work tomorrow. I
have a good push-broom and no-"back-breaker" snow shovel that'll make the
rest of the job easier.

See, I got this letter from Santa and he's not gonna land on my roof and
skid off into the meadow like what happened ten years ago. TRUE.

Problem is I've been up there so often and it's such a wonderful 360°
but, time does march on, doesn't it! :(

Apparently there have been a lot of people falling off roofs here in
Boston, because on the radio this morning they were discussing a
possible ordinance against climbing on roofs in the city if there's no
roof deck or it's not flat.

Of course our buildings here are generally a bit taller than your

Had there been a sale of "Batman capes" recently ?