Re: Taste preference begins early

John wrote:

I've eaten exactly 1 lb of beef since my heart attack last April. Two
8 oz steaks at two different times. One of the cardiologists who
treated me at the hospital said to limit red meat, I guess I took him
too seriously. My main cardiologist is much more lenient, and thinks
I've gone overboard eating so little red meat but I've found that I
don't miss beef at all.

I haven't specifically been limiting beef or pork, but I've upped my intake of fish a lot, trying to get it in several times a week. It winds up displacing red meat some.

And I've also doubled my fruit and veggie consumption, which also crowds out meat to some degree. I rarely eat more than a 4oz portion of meat just cause there's so much other stuff at each meal.

I also decided pasture-raised meat and dairy was important for my heart health. Since these products are more expensive, I'm eating more poultry, eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese for protein and less beef and pork.

So my red meat consumption has dropped, but not directly as yours did. It's sort of sideways as I never intended to drop it, just worked out that way cause of adding other things and trying to limit costs.