Re: Effing nutritionist

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I'm starting to understand that you came here looking for
ways to avoid following the advice of the doctor to take
more medication if your A1c goes over 6%, but when you
discovered that our suggestions, while different to the
doctor's, involve tougher dietary discipline as a complement
or possible alternative to medication you are now finding
the doctor is looking more attractive every day:-)

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.

I looked over Lerps posts and cant find anything like you said above.

I know in the past I have said you are not honest when talking to or about
certain people.
Will you do me a favor and prove me wrong. Will you show me where you got
your understanding.

Re-read the section you snipped and the urls.

sad to say that after 5 years of posting here. I don't think you will find
anything but will reply with something like.
"it wasn't from one post but from several" and then I would reply with..
you mean you kind find 1 statement that even comes close. being this is a
support group I hope I am wrong and even want to be proven wrong.
so please do me this one favor. and show me who you came to this
understanding. I hope it wasn't just said
to discredit a fellow diabetic.

as for me I have a busy day.

Up Up and Away from my computer.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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