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The irony here is, that those you class as going *overboard* are
following a specific diet and exercise regime and therefore controlling
their diabetes. Some have been going *overboard* for YEARS and havent
developed any of the complications connected to uncontrolled diabetes.

Stands to reason, surely?

I can pig out every week, once a week, basically starve myself the rest of
the week and my HbA1c will be great. But the damage from those pig outs
will already be done!

Your A1C would be great and your health would not be damaged.

Do you have any information to support that opinion apart
from your own belief? Any cites or references that we can

I can see why you are pushing this, although you may not see
the contradictions in this early thread of yours:

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My recent A1C was 5.8. My doctor said if it hits 6.0 he is adding
januvia to my 100 mg daily metformin. 2 years ago 6.5 was his
threshold and now it is 6.0. Soon it will be 5.5 and so on. I want to
live and enjoy my life not starve everyday or be over medicated to
suit the pharmaceuticals.


It's YOUR body, and the doc works for YOU. If you're not happy with his
regimen, tell him so - or find another doc - it's your money.

The problem is, my doctor is exceptional, rarely wrong, tells me
the truth even though I don't want to hear it, and I would only
hurt myself to leave him to find a doc that is more permissive.

followed by:

My doctor said he caught me early. I have no idea how long I
was diabetic. Probably 2 years or so, is my guess for how long
I had it.

The decades was my timeline for pushing up daisies. Even without
diabetes, heart disease is strong in my family. He has been
watching me for the past 10 years for that. One thing working
for me is my cholesterol levels of 117 without medication. I am
hypertensive though.

You are interested in risk and decades. One of the increased
risks for type 2 diabetics is heart failure or disease.

This paper makes interesting if scary reading; I'll repeat
this bit for emphasis:

"among persons with clinically established type 2
diabetes the increase in cardiovascular disease risk
is at least 2-fold in men and even higher, as much as
4-fold, in women."

I am not disputing any information you have given to me. In fact
my doctor told me that cardiovascular risks are the top priority.

I was merely complaining while complying. I know what I have to
do to control this stupid disease and I hate it, but I have to go on.

I'm starting to understand that you came here looking for
ways to avoid following the advice of the doctor to take
more medication if your A1c goes over 6%, but when you
discovered that our suggestions, while different to the
doctor's, involve tougher dietary discipline as a complement
or possible alternative to medication you are now finding
the doctor is looking more attractive every day:-)

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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