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The goal is to keep bg numbers as near normal as
possible but how that is achieved should be something each person
needs to work with a professional to determine.

If one is lucky to have a professional to work with.

My doctor, who dx me, referred me to the diabetic clinic and to a nurse who
huffed and tutted at my diet regime. Even exclaimed in amazement that white
basmati shouldnt spike me!

She didnt seem to like my desire to work with my own diet, as opposed to the
Diabetes UK suggestions and referred me to a doctor who didnt want to talk
in depth about my pro-activeness, who didnt want to send me to a specialist
on retinopathy, who didnt want to talk much slower so I could catch
everything he was saying to me, who didnt want to see me again for 6 months
and who didnt want to have faith in me, who didnt want to praise me for my
numbers so far - and so forth.

I'm having to rely on myself and the assistant of people in here - because
the so called *professionals* arent in my life at the moment.

Thank goodness I have grasped the basic fundamentals of my condition and the
kind of food and exercise regime I need to keep things in check - or I could
be facing a hell of time following the advice of people who dont want to

I quite enjoyed myself at my last trip to the Diabetes Centre. I never have
any trouble with any of the doctors or nurses, but the dietitians drive me
to drink. This year was no exception. She started huffing and puffing and
well I did eat of a lot of vegetables. I said, "Have you looked at my
numbers?" A1C was 6.1 and daily numbers corresponded. She finally looked at
them and said, "Oh! You can go home." I spent less than 5 minutes with felt
I had finally beaten them.

Martha Irwin T2 Canada
1500mg. Metformin, 4mg. Avandia