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William Wagner wrote:
My son Erik is a personal trainer. All he uses is ones personal body
to work out. I like Tai Chi and find it is enough this being simple CMC
style that with a sword work out and walks about and I'm good.

He is in Queens and I am in S Jersey and I suggest you look about your
local neighborhood and put into your practice what you want out.

He's not far from me!

You know the old joke, whenever you say you're from NJ, the first
question is, "really, which exit?" ;-)

Bill who used to do one leg deep knee bends to a heart medicine made me

You lost your muscle mass due to statin therapy, right, Bill?


Lipitor was not my friend at 80 MG. I lost 22% muscle mass and it
happened after Lipitor 10 or Zozor 20 for a few years. I always write
measure your calfs and be sure your doc writes it down. Slow decline is
hard to detect.

After CABG my mind which was on the pump seven hours does not work the
way it once did. Short term is damaged. Not the end but I just can't
remember recent stuff. Still can drive but I forget places I've been
sooner that before surgery.:))

Bill who can still do complex things but wonders how.

Susan if you would like to speak with Erik my son send a number to

b2wagner@xxxxxxxx and I'll give him your number. He will be down this
weekend to party with his extended family in Philadelphia. So I have to
get some bagels and stuff for soup as it is getting to be cold like.


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