Low-Carb Diets

I have read all the posts in:

"Diabetes Treatments of Yesteryear"

"Rant-Argumentative Lot, Aren't We"

"Data on Negative Outcomes of High Protein, Low Carb Diets"

All totaled there were over 300 posts in those three threads.

There were a lot of name calling, accusations, finger pointing and rudeness
in the posts attached to those three threads. I even made some uncalled
remarks myself, for which I now apologize.

There were even a number of anecdotal accounts of how well some were doing
on a low-carb diet after several years. (I smoked many years before I had to
have my voice box removed because of the cancer smoking caused.) Anecdotal
accounts mean very little. The only thing they prove, if anything, is
everyone is different.

There were many things in those 300+ posts with the exception of a
verifiable link to a prolonged, major, non-commercial study commending the
safety and effectiveness of a low-carb diet over a period of many years.

Can anyone please submit a link to such a study?

As a Type II diabetic, I would be very appreciative of such a link.

By the way, when I started smoking, one of the cigarette companies had a
slogan that suggested with their product you would receive a treat and not a

Well! I got a treatment alright, many years later.