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I have a couple of questions but please bear with me while I provide
some background.

I was diagnosed recently (2 weeks ago) with T2 diabetes with 2 fasting
results of 7.2 and 7.8.

Having abused my body for years I took the news as a wake up call.
Here is a typical days meal before I was diagnosed:-

2 Macdonalds sausage & egg McMuffins & 3 hash browns
2 bottles of orange juice

2 rounds of cheese & tomato sandwiches, crisps, mars bar

Inidan takeaway.

Plus numerous packets of sweets, sweet fizzy drinks, sugar in tea and

As an aside, my colestrol level is 3.8/1.9!

Having got the news I have cut out ALL direct sugar from my diet and
have been 100% strict on this. In addition, I have worked hard to
avoid high GI foods (though have been caught out a number of times -
cant believe how much sugar there is in Kellogs All Bran). I have also
significantly increased the fibre in my diet & am getting my 5
portions of fruit and veg.

I am well aware that I still have a long way to go. I have
concentrated, in the first instance, on reducing sugar in my diet by
avoiding all 'bad' foods. The next stage has to be reduction in
portion sizes (though my diet must already be 1000% better than it
was). I also need to address the subject of exercise.

14 days ago my weight was 18 stone 13 pounds (265 pounds/120 kilos)
and is now 18 stone 6 pounds (258 pounds/117 kilos) and I am pleased
with this steady loss. I am, by the way, 6 feet 1 inches tall (1.85

Now to my question which relates to Blood Sugar monitoring.

Below is a list of my meals for the past 26 houts together with my
blood/sugar levels where taken.

6.25am Blood sugar 7.4 (133)

6.30am 2 weetabix with 150ml skimmed milk & tea with milk no sugar.

13.45 pm Lunch 1 wholemeal baguette with low fat spread, turkey and

5pm Snack of plain chicken 250g (no skin or other accompaniments) &
fresh pineapple.

8.30pm Blood sugar 5.2 (93)

8.45pm 2 grilled chicken wraps with red & green peppers & flavouring

Midnight Blood sugar 6.6 (118)

5.30am Blood sugar 7.7 (138)

5.40am 2 weetabix with 150ml skimmed milk

7.40am Blood sugar 10.6 (190)

Plus about 4 cups of tea no sugar, last being at 9pm.

What I am struggling to get my mind around is how I can eat at 8.45 pm
a very healthy meal. Have a blood sugar level of 6.6 at midnight, then
eat nothing.

8 hours after my last intake of any kind and AFTER my reading of 6.6 I
have a reading of 7.2, where did that come from?

Even more disturbing is that after only two weetabix (which has a
fraction of the sugar of bran flakes - very strange) and a small
portion of skimmed milk 2 hours later my reading is 10.6??

I should say the results have followed a similar pattern since I

Can someone enlighten me and also give me some indication of whether
the levels I am working with (accepting that they are too high) are in
the range where I need to order my guide dog and wheelchair!!

With many thanks

Dave Talbot

Welcome to the club Dave. What you are experiencing is quite normal
for the newly diagnosed. The experts will be along shortly with some
really good links for you to read. When I was diagnosed in April I had
a lot of the same results. Eating a small snack with a bit of protein
at bedtime should help with the fasting numbers. The 10.6 after
breakfast is not all that surprising as both the cereal and milk are
carbohydrates and will elevate your bg. A lot of diabetics have
particular trouble with carbohydrates in the morning. I even have
trouble with fruit in the morning but it is better later in the day.
Remember that it is not just sugar but carbohydrates that turn into
sugars in your body that are the problem.
You have made a really good start with your diet and if you can add
exercise it will help with the pre-meal numbers in particular and help
with the weight loss as well. I had to add 1 hour of walking per day
to get the numbers into acceptable ranges. The half hour a day just
didn't work for me. Take your time and learn all you can both here and
on the internet. Best of luck, Sally