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When my granddaughter is not staying with me and my back is acting up like
it has for the last 2 months; I can't hardly get out to go shopping. I have
had to order groceries and have them delivered. I've considered moving to a
managed care place or nursing home but I love my house and it has a lot of
memories of my late wife.

I keep seeing those commercials about V8 juice being the same as 2-3
servings of vegetables. Since I can't cook much this might be a good idea
for me. Anybody using V8 to substitute for their vegetables?


I drink 11 oz. (two of the small cans) of the low sodium V8 each
morning with my morning meds (recent x-plant.) Sure it's only 2 grams
of fiber, but it's more than I would get if I took them with water.
And the other benefits are worth it. So if you like it (V8 juice)
then drink it because it's better than not getting the vitamins at
all. Just realize it will not supply your RDR of fiber, or anything
else other than Vitamin C, so you might supplement it with either
_some_ amount of fresh veggies, or a dietary fiber supplement. The
thing is, it is not bad for you (as long as you can handle the sodium,
even the low sodium version is 80mg per 5.5oz) so it will only enhance
your daily intake of nutrients. Like I said, just don't think it will
be the panacea for all your daily requirements.
An additional caution... If you are on dialysis you should avoid it
because of it's high K content.


It seems to be very much a YMMV food. I don't use it or any
vege juice because I spike - but others have had good
results. What are your BG's an hour after that 11 oz?

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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