New Diet Control Software need Beta testers

My name is Michael Simpson and I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I am also a
software developer. I realized that even with medication that I needed to
take control of my diet.

One thing I realized as I started to keep a food diary was that we tended to
eat the same foods. We ate the same dishes with slight variations. Even
when I went out to dinner at restaurants I ordered similar foods.

I created HealthAtHand with this in mind. While it does have a USDA
database with over 10,000 items I find that I use the custom food and recipe
database more.

I have just created HealthAtHand 2.0 and need some beta testers. The
original HealthAtHand ran on the Pocket PC but this all new 2.0 version runs
on a standard PC and features multiple forms and full cut and paste.

One of the goals when I created the program was information and recipe
exchange. With 2.0 you can copy a complete recipe to the clip board and
paste it into an email or a forum. Others can then paste that entry into
there own data bases. This works for whole food categories and individual
ingredients as well.

The Beta version of the software is free and can be found here:

The only requirement is that you must have .Net installed on your computer.

The link is on the bottom left side of the page.

I have also created some HealthAtHand forums so we can exchange ideas and

The original Pocket PC software product is available as well. I will
eventually update this software to version 2.0 and add the ability to
synchronize it with the desktop version.