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Hi Kurt,

I have realized two very important things lately that seem to go a
long wayt in explaining why your point of view is perhaps different
from some others who post here. First, if memory serves, you are a
T1..... Your needs and sensitivities are necessarily different from
those of a T2. Second, you seem to be a very active man, and thus, it
is quite natural for you to feel the need for more carbs than what
would betypically available in a 'low carb' diet. Please correct me if
I am wrong in either of these realizations.

i dont think the problem Kurt has with low carb is the diet.
I think the problem that Kurt and others have with low carb is with those on
the diet that push it
on everyone. and with those on low carb that feel any newbie whos doctor
does not make them go low carb is a quack.
i thought he made that clear many many times.

He certainly has. I don't think anyone here would disagree with Kurt's
war against folk like that, the point at issue is simply finding the
enemy. It's easy in the heat of battle to make a mistake, as American
forces the world over have clearly demonstrated.

Having observed the foregoing, it is very understandable why your
attitude toward carb consumption would differ from that of many t2s
who struggle to hold the BG under control, without the aid of insulin,
and who may not be as active as you are...

So you see, it strikes me that in the end, some of your running fights
with some of those who post here really need not occur at all, because
they are the result of miscommunication and misunderstandings
engendered by the differences in our underlying conditions....

I really do think you are a good guy, Kurt, and I think I understand
what is going on with you.... Just like I think the ADA is really
trying to do a good job. The only thing is that while we seem to be
talking about one disease, we are really talking about two different
etiologies of common symptoms.... That has been the cause of so much
static. Unfortunately, the human tendency is to oversimplify and to
blur the distinctions between t1 needs and those of a t2.

t1's, t2's and non diabetics alike have the same nutrional needs.
if i had a hard time eating 200 carbs a day i would make it my business to
become more active.
because lets face it - it isnt a lot of fuel for someone that does not have
other conditions that limits their ability to be active.

Carbs are not the only fuel. Fats are so much more efficient a fuel
source than carbs that very active folk who have to carry their food
supplies with them, such as mountaineers, find it very hard to meet
their fuel requirements with mostly carbs. Also the human body can
easily make carbs from protein.

When I was a young teenager my sister and I cycled about 600 miles in
ten days. For breakfast we usually had two eggs, two slices of bacon,
two sausages, all fried in butter, and a slice of bread thickly spread
with butter and marmalade. Then we'd cycle about 30 miles. For lunch
we'd usually eat a tin of cold creamed rice pudding by the side of the
road. Then we'd cycle another 30 miles. For dinner we'd usually eat a
50-50 mix of corned beef and baked beans, sometimes followed by
fruit. I think for what we were doing that would today be considered a
low carb diet. There was nothing unusual in it in those days (1950s)
as food for active folk. The conventional wisdom then was that active
folk needed big greasy fry ups to keep them going.

i think that is
another problem that Kurt and others have here. you have more than a few
who do have other conditions that limit their ability to live a normal life
but leave that out when they say "OMG thats alotta carbs" then there are
those with other conditions. i have not seen to many people that only had
diabetes that couldnt handle carbs.

"Can't handle carbs" is a bit vague, and rather extreme, because
there's nobody here (or anywhere else) who doesn't eat some
carbs. H'ever, I consider myself a low carber because a low carb diet
is in general the closest well-known approximation to how I eat, and
the low carb dietary perspective seems best to explain how I react to
various kinds and amounts of food. In fact I went low carb before I
even knew I was diabetic (although I very likely was just an
undiagnosed diabetic then), simply because I tried it and I pretty
immediately felt a lot better. I just got stricter (guided by my
BG meter) after being diagnosed.

I prefer the term "low spike diet" to "low carb diet", because lots of
folk get confused by the fact that you can eat a lot of carbs if
you're very physically active because it's a relative "low" rather
than an absolute. I can't handle any carbs for breakfast, with the
exception (as far as I've yet discovered) of a rather small amount of
baked beans if eaten along with plenty of protein and fats. When I'm
not taking exercise I can't handle any but very small amounts of high
GI carbs, and only rationed amounts per meal or snack of low GI carbs.

As far as I know I don't have any non-diabetic health issues, apart
from some mild arthritis which doesn't stop me from being a lot more
active than most of my age.

I'm puzzled by your remark that you haven't seen too many T2s without
other health issues that "couldn't handle carbs", because there seem
to be quite a few T2s here who are low carbers and whom I don't recall
having other relevant health issues. Perhaps you mean you don't meet
many low carbing T2s in real life? I certainly haven't met any yet. In
fact I haven't met any real low carbers yet, because I don't count
folk who low carb as a temporary crash diet to lose weight.

I *have* met several T2s suffering from seriously disabling diabetic
complications, and I do suspect that a lot fewer carbs would have
helped those folk.

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IPAB, Informatics, JCMB, King's Buildings, Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ, UK


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