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After reading the posting about the new accu chek compact meter, I
went to the accu chek site to learn more about it. At the bottom of
their page, they displayed a warning about comfort curve and advantage
sticks. Go to or call

As far as I'm concerned, Accu-chek products are useful only when you need an analog random number generator.


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You are full of crap. The Accucheck Compact Plus is accurate, esp in the critical hypo range.


I agree with Accu-Cheks (Advantage/comfort curve) not being up to
current expected levels of reliability.

Last Fall, Consumer Reports did a comparison of about 10 models with
about 4 companies. I forget the exact number of models or companies in
the experiment. The ratings were done on accuracy and consistancy.
The Accu-Chek models were below average, but not at the bottom. The
top positions were dominated by the LifeScan One-Touch models.

My insurance company provides the Accu-Chek Advantage and supplies,
which I'm new to since April. It occasionally gives high readings that
don't make sense. For example, two evenings ago, 90 minutes after a
snack of chicken breast on a slice of wheat toast, the Accu-Chek gave
a reading of 157 mg/dl. I shouldn't have been over 130. I used my
OneTouch for verification. I got a 127 as I expected.

I agree the Advantage was a POS.