Re: Wholegrains reduce heart disease risk by up to 40%

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I've been lurking awhile here and thought some of you might like to
read this.
While letting your meter be your guide, whole grains provide more then
basic nutritional value in it's fiber etc. which relates to overall

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The 40% reduction is presumably in comparison with a diet that is
high in non-whole grain cereals. High carbohydrate diets based on
non-whole grain cereals appear to be the problem.

The authors are writing on behalf of an Australian grain growers.
When they refer to fruit and vegetables producing a small effect
presumably they are ignoring the experiments done by the vegans where
they used a high soluble fibre diet including, eggplant, okra, soy,
almonds etc. This combination produced effect comparable with first
generation statins ie about a 30% drop.

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