Re: what is the real range of numbers for the FBG?

Kurt wrote:
You recognize that much of their advice is bad, eh Wes? And how did

I didn't say that. However, I will say that I recognize some of
their advice is bad--specifically certain recommendations for
quantity of carbohydrates that have been quoted here by more people
than just me--quotes that always seem to upset Kurt.

would mean over 75%. Do you think over 75% of what they advise is bad?
Or is it that you disagree with what they say about diet and exercise.
Care to elaborate?

I'll stick to dietary recommendations that will cause many people
who could get by on a GOOD diet and exercise routine to instead
end up on medications that could have been avoided.

Another wrong assumption. I define hate in here as someone who sees no
good in what the ADA does, dismisses everything they advise, and goes
out of their way to discredit and malign the organization at every

Then you have most certainly mischaracterized Jenny.

you chose not to contribute to that thread. Surely you could have
articulated some of that "much bad" you accuse them of doing.

I have posted more than enough comments about that STUPID
60% carb recommendation. Or is it not enough? Would you
prefer that I "discredit and malign the organization at
every turn" ?

Don't just listen to Jenny OR Kurt--look up the documents and studies
they cite and evaluate them yourself.

I totally agree with this. But I would add that you should discuss the

I thought I was being a nice guy by not explicitly pointing out that
_Jenny_ had citations for people to check out, while you merely said
we should listen to the ADA instead of to "haters" like Jenny.

Wes Groleau

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