Re: Dreamfields answer--GMO wheat?

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For the last couple of years, Dreamfields pasta has been
controversial among diabetics. It has the same net carbs ( about
38 grams) per serving as ordinary pasta but claims 5 grams of
digestible carbs per serving. Many diabetics have confirmed
that it spikes more like 5 grams per serving would, and not like
ordinary pasta, although there have been reports that it can
cause spikes hours later or if cooked too long, among other
things. A number of people have reported that when they wrote or
emailed Dreamfields to learn more about what makes their pasta
different, they either received no answer at all, or were told
it was a proprietary secret.

When the other line of low carb pastas sold here in the states,
made by Mueller's but distributed under a number of
private-label brands, including Trader Joe's, was discontinued
recently, I finally tried Dreamfields and found that it works
just fine for my blood sugar. But I'm still wondering why. The
only thing different on the ingredients list is inulin, which
could be part of the answer, but if so, why would they be the
only ones adding that.

A couple of days ago someone started posting on the ADA message
boards about Carbquik flour, which can be used to make biscuits
and pancakes and brownies among other things. The flour claims
to have 90% fewer carbs that ordinary wheat flour, with 2 grams
of net carbs per bisuit for example, and people who have tried
it seem to love it. The ingredient is primarily "enzyme modified
wheat" with extra fiber added. You can read about it at

This Science News Online article, posted at
explains what enzyme modified wheat is and how it works.
Essentialy it breaks up parts of the wheat so that it is
digested in the large intestine instead of in the stomach. It
may have other health benefits. It is essentially a Genetically
Modified Wheat organism, and sure sounds like what the Carbquik
is made out of.

Well it turns out that the web site that sells Carbquik also
sells Dreamfields Pasta.

Which makes me wonder if Dreamfields Pasta is made with
genetically modified wheat. That would explain why it has lower
digestible carbs, and also might explain why they won't explain
their "proprietary process" that leads to low digestible carbs
per serving.

Does anyone know anything that could confirm or contradict this
hypothesis? I bring this discussion here because Dreamfields has
been a topic here previously and people here have inquried into
this before.


This is the patent application for Dreamfields Pasta. It talks
aboout a proprietary coating. It says that they are looking at
doing potato products too.

Copy and paste the link to your internet browser and take a look.