Re: Is T2 diabetes assured to get worse?

Jenny wrote:
Michelle wrote:
No, I've never had a pregnancy, so no clues there. Right now, I am
able to keep my sugars at desired levels with diet and exercise.
Crossing my fingers that I can stay that way. However, I've been
feeling a bit trapped in that if my situation deteriorates, there is no
where for me to go, but medications.

I had the same feeling and avoided medications for years adopting an
extremely stringent diet in the hopes of reversing my diabetes. My
avoidance of meds was a mistake. Metformin fixed up the slight amount
of IR I seem to have developed at menopause (which is typical of all
women, not just those with diabetic issues.) That turned weight control
from a struggle to a non-issue.

I will bear your advice about medication in mind. It does make sense.
I'd already figured that metformin would be the next step. At the
moment, my diet is not overly stringent as long as I avoid flour
products, rice, potatoes, and of course, sugar. The starchy vegetables
like beans, peas, and corn I can eat if I don't overdo. So far, so

Now that I've added Insulin I feel enormous freedom. It lets me eat
small portions of just about anything if I don't overdo it and plan
ahead a bit. But the big plus with insulin isn't just that I can eat
more carbs and widen my choices. It is that it keeps my blood sugar so
normal that I feel a zillion times better. I did not realize how crummy
I felt until I didn't feel that way anymore. Normal blood sugars make a
huge difference.

I can relate to this feeling too. Since I've quit spiking
post-prandially, I feel so much better. But the deterioration came on
so slowly, I didn't realize just how bad I'd been feeling. So glad you
are getting such good results and feeling so much better since the

Even when I was low carbing stringently, I couldn't get those numbers
and with a very low carb diet I ran into "pooping out" energy problems
after a few years.

I suffered that same feeling right after quitting the carby foods I
can't eat. Fortunately, I quickly learned to fill up on vegetables to
avoid that side-effect. However, I think if I had to cut out beans,
corn, peas, I'd "poop out" too. Sounds like you were well beyond that

I don't see myself
become a 60 mile per week bike rider like Roger. ;-)

My daughter bikes more than Roger does. She's still seeing post-prandial
spikes. If exercise isn't giving you dramatic improvements a lot more
exercise probably won't help. I got benefits from exercise, but it did
not improve my bgs. That's understandable if the problem isn't insulin
resistance but something wrong with the insulin.

How interesting about your daughter. It would seem that if anyone
would see benefits from exercise, she would. Guess that just shows
there are different mechanisms at work between T2s.

After our first conversation yesterday, I took the time to read an
article that I believe you suggested (if it wasn't you, it was someone
on the newsgroup)--The Genetic Basis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus:
Impaired Insulin Secretion versus Impaired Insulin Sensitivity: The gist of
the article was that while insulin resistence is big problem in some
diabetics, especially those that are overweight, problems with insulin
secretion or the insulin itself is the root of most problems with T2s.
And with thin T2s research has shown this to be the primary problem in
the majority of cases. (Of course, if you suggested the article, you
already know this. ;-)

I've done daily walks for the better part of 15 years, and while I have
recently added some weight-lifting to increase muscle mass, which won't
hurt in any case, I don't seem to be gaining on tolerance toward the
offending fast carbs.

So am trying to
learn about all the different possibilities before deterioration
happens--if it does.

Don't fear the diabetes drugs. Just read up before trying them and be
very careful and aware of side effects. I'd also suggest letting others
be the guinea pigs for the new stuff, too.

Thanks so much for discussing this issue with me, Jenny. Now I won't
have such trepidation if in the future I find I need to take stronger