Re: Good News from the Retina Man :-)

On 10-Apr-2006, "hilbert" <hilbertd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Great to hear some good news! I am very happy for you.

I am curious as to what stage of your disease did your retina troubles
How many years have you had diabetes and how has your control been ?

The pessimist in says that however much one controls, some
are unavoidable.


Thanks Hilbert,

Good news beats bad, any day:-)

I first noticed what turned out to be retina trouble during the time my eyes
were bleary and out of whack from adjusting blood sugars.... The speculation
is that the severe inflammations that led to my original diagnosis had
something to do with the retina damage, probably from a small blood clot
that clogged a branch of the retinal artery that served the macula.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in February, 2005. Actually, there is no
telling how long I had it before diagnosis. It could have been as long as a
couple of years, or more. Since May, 2005, I have maintained excellent
control, with my FBG typically in the range of 90-100. Yesterday it was 103.
Once I went low carb, maintaining control became relatively easy.

Now, the inflammations are much less a problem than they were formerly, and
my fungus problem has finally abated. The shins have cleared up, and I no
longer suffer from that peculiar diabetic dermatitis that I had last year.

Will, T2

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