Re: I am a troll

Sorry to hear that the carnivores on the Atkins thread chewed you up, Guy.
But keep putting out your daily column. A lot of us read it. I always enjoy
puzzling over who you're critiquing.

"guy" <guys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have hoped for a long time that this open usenet
group could function as an educational

It can not ever be that for obvious reasons.

I had decided to leave quietly. I was seeing the name atkins many
times every day. So I did a search on the word atkins It was a
disgusting thing to read.

So I decided to bait a few of the disciples. It was funny except
a few good people were offended.

A few got what they deserved.

I am current involved n a local group that is
concerned with the gross increases in higher
education costs.

It is shocking when you compare Communist China and
the sorry state of the US.

It is pointed that a way to cover the Us deficit could be
solved by reducing entitlements by 50%.

Diabetics following the bull crap that is around will be a
bigger burden in the future. I suspect the freebies will
not be there for them.

asking is a despicable joke, A very rich joke You
paid for it..

Stupid people always reap their rewards.

To the people here that have contributed so much here. Thanks

I have different thoughts for a few, but my thoughts do
not matter.

Gotta to move some sand. Have fun with your fads.


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