Re: Question about testing

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Hi Susan:

Glucerna meal bar (oatmeal raisin)
Cal 220 (fat cal 50)
Total Carbs 35 g (dietary fibre 2g, Sugars 14g, Sugar Alcohols 5g)
Protein 10g

Is 35 g of carbs too high for a meal bar ?

In a word, yes, it's too high for the vast majority of T2's, as your
meter proved. Your meter is by far the best way to figure out what you
can eat.

Glucerna is a bit of a hot-button issue with me: they market it as
"for people with diabetes" yet it's loaded with carbs, including
sugars! Personally, I think they would be just fine if they changed
their slogan ever so slightly: "Glucerna, for people who want to get

I've seen regular meal bars that are healthier, and far cheaper. My
own preference is for a low-carb protein bar, with about 2g net carbs.