Re: Go Daddy Ripped My Domain Name...Sue?

Hey G

I wrote 2 pages of domain names just looking at resellersratings for a few
hours ;) way back

"oldgoat" <oldgoatmail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hey Joe,

I believe these webpages are probably first grade to you as far as domain
registration and such but it may give a simple something you over looked
to use to plant yer foot in this guys ass...

I just looked over the 1st page and don't know how old this thing is but
maybe it'll help.

Hang tough--og

Quid, Me Anxius Sum?~ A.E. Neuman

"JZ" <JZ@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:jdinqk$lf1$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am EzPcPro, and regestared it almost untill i read godaddy was stealing
web domains and selling them, just look up and you'll see who
ripped off who, theives,

EZPCPRO is ME and I am the owner of that .com name....

what should i do? i have way to much stress as it is without godicky
sucking my money up....

Lawyer Please, OG if you handle this I'll pay you... EzPcPro@xxxxxxxxx


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