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OMG, hap! that's darn right freaky!

OK, mother nature needs hormone replacement therapy!

yikes, i'm glad you have a water bed, and didn't feel that shaking.

quakeless hugs from giggz

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 13:18:57 -0500, ubehappy2day@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

You all know we have a ton of ice, moderate snow. It's been
freezing/thawing/refreezing/thawing ad nauseum.

Thursday DH and I awoke to a VERY loud BOOM! About an hour later
there was another on. We thought at first the heat pump blew - no.
Water heater banging? no. Ice/snow falling off the
roof/gutters...checked all around the house the next morning. Didn't
seem like it, but we decided that must have been it.

Nope - in the paper this morning they reported on the frost quakes and
described exactly what we heard. Now I was in bed (waterbed) and DH
was in the basement so we didn't feel the shaking, but some stuff
inside the kitchen cabinets had fallen over.

Some years ago we had a mild quake - remember thinking "Wow, that
police helicopter seems awfully low and why is it hovering over "our"
house. Of course there was no helicopter, but that's the noise and
vibration that the quake made. Some stuff feel then too. I realize
you folks in CA are thinking "what wimps" and you would be
correct...but then when a bit of snow paralyzed the South, that's what
we think! LOL

Well the temp outside is rising, so flooding next...sigh.

Weird crap.


We get those every couple of years. This year especially , it has been so cold. Plus you hear your house creak or a Boom. I have a 38 x 18 foot deck on my apt. It has lifted one side almost 5 inches. The footings are 48 inches down. A year like this the frost line goes lower and heaves the footings. These footings are not the 8,10,or 1`2, tubes. They were dug on an angle wide on top and about 14 inches on the bottom. Each footing used 8 - 80lb. bags of concrete.

The soil was very wet when the temps started to drop below freezing. I have seen it pick up a 28 in. wide stone wall foundation almost a foot. The sheeting popped off on the bottom of house.

Hope I did not bore you.

Stay warm



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