Re: possible to get tolerance in 4 yrs?

I ask because I seem to have build up a tolernace to my diludid and
that how lomg I've taken it
my Dr also told I have a high tolerance to pain meds

Lynn can definitely build a tolerance in that amount of time.
Dilaudid was one of the first meds I took for pain management 6 years
ago. I built a tolerance even quicker than that. It all depends.
I've built a tolerance to some meds after only a couple of months.
Sometimes you can stay on a med for a couple months or you may hit a
sweet spot that you can stay on for several years. It's all
individual dependant. What dose are you on? I was on 8mg 5x day,
when I finally switched to something long-acting.

As far as Opana, I thought the long-acting was fairly effective.
However I built a tolerance pretty fast to that and had to switch.
The short-acting formula didn't help a lick.