Re: medtronics pain pump

yes I had an attorney but he was SOB that refuse to represent me in court
when I won against the workers comp company for my dental claim.
As you may remember, I represented myself and I received a large settlement
from the insurance company that covered all of my expenses. I really believe
that with the attorneys attitude he would've screwed up or lost the case for
me anyways, so by not using him I ended up winning by case and saving about
$7000 that he would've kept for himself.
The thing was I had done all the work and only wanted him in court to make
sure that I didn't make any blatant errors. So if he wasn't such a-hole he
would've collected $7000 for doing absolutely nothing.
I'm still with the same pain management Dr. and I still don't believe that I
needed the drug pump.. as a matter of fact if you've been following what
I've been posting lately, Tuesday I get my BiPAP sleep machine and high
thoroughly expect to start reducing my pain medication.
Thanks for replying


"Teresa" <withcamera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks Cane.
Damn I'm sorry for all of your trouble.
Do you have an attorney....If you want that thing fight for it.
AND YES I am convinced that I at have no alternative at this point.
I will keep you guys posted.
Thanks for the response sweetie~

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I had a doctor suggested at one point and fellow workers comp insurance
company approved it and as far as they were concerned I was going to have
it implanted.
I started with a new pain doctor at that time who knew how to implanted
pumps and how well they worked.
The second or third appointment with him I brought up the point that the
insurance company wants to have the pump implanted as soon as possible
and I wasn't convinced that it was necessary. My new pain management Dr.
told me that the insurance company has no business prescribing and
approving a pain pump before the Dr. requested it. And as far as he is
concerned in my case it would've been totally inappropriate to have a
pump implanted. That was about three years ago.
I heard from some people that they are God's sent and I've read about
others that say that they are useless.
Unless you are convinced that your pain is not manageable with oral
medications or having a pump implanted far outweighs the benefit continue
in our medication, I would wait, you can always have it put in later.
Remember it is a real bitch when they have to take it out


"Teresa" <withcamera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi's me Teresa.
I'm sorry I don't come around very often I have really been down for the
I saw a Dr last week and IF I pass one "nut job" appt I have to have
I am going to start testing medtronics for a pain pump.
I guess I am not a candidate for the one that Top has.
They are talking, the one that puts pain med into your spine,
and then you go and have it refilled every month.
Anyone familiar with this little baby?
The Dr made it sound GREAT.
And I have to say that my meds no long last and by 2 2:30 pm I am in
pain for the rest
of the day.
I am more than ready to try this.
I am tired of crying....yes crying all day.
Any one with good experience.
*fingers crossed for some YES'*
Feel free to email me always