Re: how to exercise w/pain?

How are you LYNN??? I am just now coming out of my funk and feeling so much better.
I tell you guys...My doctor put back on Topamax...I don't know if you guys like it or now but
right now , but it is my new lease on life and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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>I used to be clincally obese and with my height every pound shows,
>I've lost an inch now I'm 4 ft 11 inches...anyway around 4 yrs ago my
>choel. was at 500 something I did the low fat thing also cut out all
>soda (I know there isn't any fat but it's empty calories and I hate
>all diet soda) that dropped me 2 sizes--then Rick died I didn't eat
>for 2 weeks just drank water, wasn't in an attempt to lose weight had
>no appetite for anything including life
>saw the weight drop off thought I'll do it the right way and knew how
>having a "big 'ol" 2 yr degree in Food Service and went down 5 more
>sizes, I wanted to weigh less given all the charts said I should, also
>have a daughter my exact height (well 1-inch taller) my Dr said no
>more (not bragging abt weight loss)

>I had kept the weight off, now almost four yrs later I've gained 10
>lbs...I now not much but it well keep creeping up unless I get
>exercising more and like I said at my height the weight increase shows
>up immediately

>but I can't find any form of exercise I can do that doesn't severally
>worsen the pain....the PC said no more than 5 min at a time! that
>won't get me far, actually won't get me anywhere...I do have DDD
>(degenrative disk disease) but have pain through out entire back,
>plus; neck, arms, hand, and leg pain -- even walking makes the pain
>worse...I thought swimming, the local YMCA has scholarships for low
>income and I was doing classes that did exercise in the pool, thought
>it'd be ideal -- nope the water level is at 5 ft so I'm always straing
>my neck to keep it above water and that worsens the all ready bad neck

>plus the sleeping med I'm on causes sugar cravings, I thought it was
>just in my head when I went to look it up well, remeron actually
>does...I have chronic insomnia have been through every sleeping med
>there is they work for a bit and fizz out but this one is working

>any ideas, said in prev. post even had to give up yoga


Well I can't help at all with the exercise thing, but the sugar
craving and soda (we call it *pop* here in the midwest), maybe an
alternative. One of the few things I can drink is water and I like
some taste to it. I find Fruit 2 O flavored waters, especially the
peach and orange, really great. At 50 cents a bottle, not too
expensive. 0 calories, low sodium. But they do contain sucralose -
which I tolerate better than aspertame. I confess I lost all cravings
some time ago - but the other liquid crap I *have* to drink that's
supposed to pass for nutrion in "french vanilla" - ugh, not. The
fruit 2 O is like a freakin guilty pleasure.

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I live in the East and had always called it Pop, was Rick
(late hubby) who would always correct me and say soda, (I usally
reminded him how it was inpolite to correct people) though he was
from city around an hour from me, he was a true hippie hitched across
the country to Calif. in the 60's after being thrown out of the Navy
(they told him he was a security risk and he never found out why,
though he got VA benefits when he could no longer work) and stayed out
there or out west except for the last 15 yrs of life, he got me into
the habbit of saying, soda

and TY on the hint

I've tried all the sugar substitues, only one I like is equal have
tried splenda and the new one out, PureVia. They say you can bake
with spendla well sort of, my Mom is diabetic and I make cakes for her
from the crap doesn't rise, the one thing do is cooking, trained in
and worked in won't belive this but I won 2 prizes for my cooking at
the college level and we competed agnst Cordon Blu' (sp) & other
colleges, not an expert baker but a good one, I've experted with
adding baking powder w/a small amnt of baking soda...even had to study
the chemical make up of food and how they interact. I still don't
drink pop. I had few sips when we had a few hot days, my daughter was
with me and I found very sweet but wanted one and only
talent is cooking something 100 million other ppl do, too
Ah, but cooking *well* lots fewer people can do that! My daughter is
very good at baking - she would dearly love to open a cupcake shop.
She had a cupcake tier for her wedding instead of a cake. I'm not
much of baker, but back when I cooked I was pretty good at appetizer
and main dishes. I can make a mean Maryland Fried Chicken...I love
reading books about the chemistry of cooking. I think you having the
food degree is wonderful.

I know how I got here, told myself an occasional treat was ok and it
is for me instead of the full bag of sweets I'd eat at one sitting by
a small candy bar, thats ok couple times week...was doing it almost
every day now I have Edy's fruit Bars....they'll help some

Thanks guys