Re: Bumps On Hand

Ganglions... thanks...I couldn't remember that word! But those on usually on the top of the hands, not the palms.

"Gigglz" <nuthin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:30snj5hclvblcom3d9d91heh32804c688l@xxxxxxxxxx
at first i thought "ganglion cysts", until you said they hurt. those
don't. i'm wondering about RA now.

so sorry!


On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 12:48:54 -0500, "Ronnie"
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Before I go running to my PCP I was wondering if
anyone had this: hard small (about the size of a small
marble) knots on the palm of my right hand. I have been
getting more and more over the past two months. When
I go to grab something (like the fridge door handle) it is
*very* painful. Does anyone else have anything like this
and if so what has been done for it?



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